The luxurious transformation of a hair salon

In the heart of Viken in Sweden, the stylish hair salon Vår Vråå underwent a powerful makeover. We talked to the visionary behind the transformation, owner Isabella Andelic, who shaped the salon's new identity and chose a dark herringbone floor as her foundation.


A haven of luxury

At Vår Vråå, there is a big focus on nurturing clients. “At our salon, you will feel relaxed and cared for,” says Isabella. “We offer that little extra to make you feel pampered, and we are always at the forefront of education and upcoming trends.” 

A haircut is viewed as a holistic experience where customers learn about what suits them best and how to care for their hair. It's a journey of self-discovery accompanied by good coffee, a massage during shampooing, and, of course, a good laugh. So, how do you choose a new interior and floor to accompany this concept?

“Even in interior design, we like to be creative, but we chose to invest in a classic and timeless base in terms of colors and materials.”
Isabella Andelic
Isabella Andelic, owner of Vår Vråå.

The decision to maintain an ageless canvas was for the purpose of creative expression, to be able to add playful details and pops of color. From green wall tiles to a yellow bathroom door and cool, colorful coffee cups, there is a fun edge in the midst of sophisticated elegance.  

The decision behind the herringbone flooring

Rather than throwing out the old and bringing in the new, Isabella was keen to preserve parts of the existing interior, which played into the flooring choice. “From a sustainability perspective, we chose to match the floor with the large table that already sits in the middle of the salon,” she says. “It’s also a bonus that the dark floor, in contrast with our light walls, provides a luxurious impression.” 

The founder desired an overall impression that enveloped every room, creating a cohesive and inviting space, and in only six weeks, the salon was transformed from an industrial look to a warm and harmonious atmosphere. 

“We wanted a spa feeling and an exclusive vibe in the salon, and we are happy with the result!”

The floor at the heart of the design

In the renovation process, the floor took centre stage. “We started by choosing the floor because we wanted this to be the focus when you step into the room.” The dark herringbone was a given choice and has set the tone for the entire space, but did she ever consider any other flooring options? “No,” says Isabella. “I had a clear vision.” 

“I would absolutely recommend a dark herringbone floor. It provides the space with a lot of character. Not a single customer comes in without praising the floor, so they are as satisfied as we are.”

The unique ambience in the salon, with the dark herringbone floor as a central thread, weaves luxury, character, and style into the client experience. This space is a testament to the power of thoughtful design choices and the transformative impact of a well-chosen floor.

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