Premium Rigid Core Planks


Our high-performing rigid core range is ideal for active lifestyles. With the authentic and exquisite look and feel of Scandinavian oak, this flooring is also truly waterproof, sound absorbent, and easy to install. 

Leave an impression without leaving a mark

Suitable for multiple interior design styles, these premium, Scandinavian-designed rigid core floors are ideal for busy households: they have great sound-absorbent qualities, are water-resistant and easy to clean, and are more sustainable than traditional options. 

Due to the floor’s high durability and leakproof floor-locking system – ensuring no leaks through the seams – this range is perfect for areas prone to moisture, such as laundry rooms, entrances, basements and kitchens.

Appearance of luxurious wood

Designed in Sweden with inspiration from nature, our rigid core floors are available in a range of styles and colours based on European oak. Embossed in Register (EIR) ensures a more realistic wooden design and feel than conventional embossing solutions, and the matt gloss and micro bevel further add to the authentic look.

The extra-long and wide floor planks make a genuine impact and are an affordable way to improve the aesthetics of a room. They’re versatile and suit multiple interior design styles, so this is a great floor to be creative with.

Truly waterproof

Fun meets functionality in this collection, making every moment joyful and worry-free.

Spills and splashes can occur in any bustling household or commercial space, so embrace the peace of mind this waterproof solution offers. The floors have a thick wear layer and advanced anti-scratch lacquer, providing a tough surface and superior water-resistant qualities. Combined with the leakproof floor-locking system, 5G Dry, featuring watertight joints, this is a truly waterproof flooring option. 

Looking for peace and quiet?

These floors are not only high-performing, but they also create a positive impact on the living environment. As a result of the incorporated Liteback technology, which reduces up to 20% of the weight of the panels, we have improved the sound absorbency. How does this work? The same method that minimises the weight of the flooring also improves its sound reduction by as much as 44%. Liteback directly lowers radiated walking sounds and limits noise between floors of multi-level buildings.

The floors are also equipped with pre-attached underlayment foam, and this quality IXPE underlay absorbs noise better than traditional solutions. 

A stress-free flooring solution for a modern environment

  • Natural wood look

    The use of EIR makes the floor look and feel like real wood.

  • Kids & pet safe

    With anti-scratch lacquer and superior wear resistance, this is a product that will last.

  • Waterproof & worry-free

    5G Dry waterproof technology with a high moisture resistant SPC core.

  • 5G means easy installation

    Our 5G Dry locking system allows up to 3x faster installation.

  • Sound-absorbing

    The Liteback technology combined with built-in premium underlay foam reduces the noise transfer.

  • A lighter product

    Up to 20% lighter due to the Liteback technology.

  • Larger formats

    Wide and long format planks improve the aesthetics of a room.

Light and innovative

Utilising the pioneering Liteback technology, developed by our sister company Välinge Innovation, we strategically remove material from the backside of the stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring panels. This innovation reduces their weight by up to 20%, resulting in improved handling, enhanced sound absorption, and a significant decrease in CO2 emissions due to reduced material consumption and increased transport efficiency.

Easiest installation on the market

Our rigid core range features the updated 5G floor-locking system, namely the leakproof 5G Dry, developed in-house by Välinge Innovation, also the founder of the first mechanical floor-locking solution.

With the new, leakproof 5G Dry installation system, you still just click the floor panels together without glue or sealants – but watertight joints also prevent water from seeping through the seams and damaging the subfloor. An installation has never been easier and more durable!

Floors that climb walls? Sure! Check out our cool installation video featuring 5G Climb. This brings a whole new level of fun to your space. 


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