World-leading technology for durable and environmentally friendly floors

Bjelin is part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. The development is performed in collaboration with the sister company Välinge Innovation AB, best known as the inventors of the click floor.

The production takes place in our state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and in northern Croatia, where we have access to high-quality FSC-certified wood and highly experienced employees who, for generations, have worked to refine the well-known Slavonic oak into wine barrels and today into floors.

The Pervanovo Group, which currently has just over 2,000 employees, with production facilities in Viken (Sweden) and in Bjelovar, Ogulin, Otok and Vinkovci (northern Croatia), will in the next few years expand its production capacity to meet the demand for, mainly, wider Hardened Wood-planks and clickable strips for glue-free installation of Herringbone Parquet.

The founders of Bjelin and Välinge invented the first click floor in 1993 and developed, in 1977 during their employment at Perstorp, the world's first laminate floor.

A sustainable company

Our production is based on simple, yet wise, principles which ensures the sustainability of our business:

  • All our floors are wood-based. They are environmentally positive because wood binds and stores carbon dioxide.
  • We maximise the use of all raw material and every log. With our production systems, we can calculate the perfect way to cut the log in order to get the various sizes and shapes we need. Any wood that cannot be used as a surface layer for a product, is used as filling material. Nothing goes to waste.
  • Any leftover material in the production can be recycled and turned into filling material in new floorings. Thus, minimising the amount of waste whilst the amount of flooring per cubic metre of raw material is maximised.
  • We collect our raw material from responsibly managed forests where the wood is processed locally. This means that transports will be shorter and ensures local job opportunities.

Our parent company Pervanovo Invest AB

Bjelin's parent company Pervanovo Invest AB is owned by the founding family Pervan. The Corporate's first company, Välinge Innovation AB, was founded in 1993 in connection with the click floor being invented and patented.

In recent years, the corporate has broadened its operations from developing technologies and license sales to large-scale production of floors under the Bjelin brand. Pervanovo Invest AB is also active within the tourism business and property management.

The number of employees within the group exceeds 2000 and the market value is approx. SEK 10 billion. The turnover exceeds SEK 2 billion. 

The picture shows Bjelin's and Pervanovo's head office with Välinge Innovation AB in the background.


Välinge Innovation AB - World class flooring technology

Välinge Innovation works with technical development in the flooring and furniture industry and has about 250 employees.

Välinge is a world leader in floor technology. The company has 3,000 patents and a global license base of over 250 licensees. All research and development takes place at the facility in Viken, which is the world's most advanced research and development center for floor technology. Bjelin develops its floors in collaboration with Välinge.

In Viken, Välinge also has a high-tech factory for large-scale production of Hardened Wood floors and Ceramic Wood Composite for Bjelin. The factory is located directly adjacent to Bjelin's Swedish head office in the southern Swedish village of Viken and has a capacity of producing 6 million square metres per year.


The Parquet factory - Ogulin 1

The flooring plant at our Ogulin 1 site has 330 employees and a capacity of 1,5 million m² of flooring. The main products are planks, three-strip parquet and parquet strips for herringbone installation. New investments will increase the capacity to 2,5 million m²

The Ogulin plant has its own saw mill where logs of wood is sawn, dried in modern kilns and processed to lamellas for the middle layer part of the Parquet flooring. The top lamellas are produced at our factory in Bjelovar. Saw dust and wood waste is used as raw material for our pellet and briquet production.

This is the building site of our new mega factory - Ogulin 2

The Ogulin 2 floor plant in northwestern Croatia is a new state-of-the-art factory under construction where our latest Välinge technology will be used in large-scale production.

The plant will specialize in floor manufacturing with Woodura and Nadura technology to produce Hardened Wood flooring and floors of Ceramic Wood Composite. The initial annual capacity will be 4 million m² and production will start in 2023.

This production facility, located on a 330,000 m² plot of land along the motorway between Zagreb and Split, will be Bjelin's main floor production facility in Europe.

During 2023 -2027, floor production will be significantly expanded with several new production lines for Hardened Wood and Ceramic Wood Composite, but also for core materials that will be used for these floors. When the factory is completed, it will be the world's largest production facility for wooden floors with a capacity of 20 million m².


The veneer factory and sawmill in Vinkovci

Bjelin Spacva located in Vinkovci on the edge of the famous Spacva forest is our largest factory for processing raw materials. The company have 850 employees. The main product is oak veneer for the flooring and furniture industry. Our two companies Bjelin Spacva and Bjelin Otok are together Europe's largest manufacturer of oak veneers.

Bjelin Spacva also manufactures elements and lamellas for parquet floors as well as solid laminated wooden boards of oak and ash. Sawdust and other wood waste are used for large-scale production of wood pellets for bioenergy.

We will produce a significant part of the electricity consumed ourselves with solar cells on the factory roof. When our solar cell plant is completed in 2022, it will have an output of 2.9 MW.


The saw mill in Bjelovar

The top layer lamellas for our parquet flooring are produced at our plant in Bjelovar. FSC certified oak logs are sawn in our saw mill, dried in modern kilns and processed to high quality lamellas for parquet flooring that are shipped to Ogulin or supplied to other flooring producers.

A new saw mill plant will be completed during 2021 and the capacity to produce oak lamellas for parquet floorings will be increased considerably.

The Bjelovar site has about 300 employees.



The Veneer Factory in Otok

The main raw material for our Hardened Wood floors, the oak wood veneer, is produced by Bjelin Otok located in the hart of the famous Spačva forest in Croatia. Spačva is one of the largest intact oak forests in Europe and is well known for its very high FSC certified oak quality.

The Otok site has about 160 employees.

Bjelin Otok is one of the most modern veneer plants in Europe and is well known for its extremely high oak veneer quality. All our production is based on oak material and we are one of the leading European producers of high-quality oak veneer

Otok will stream line its production to the special veneers for long and wide Hardened Wood floors. Otok has installed a splicing line where individual veneers are glued together to large sheets. This facilitates an efficient application of the veneer in our Hardened Wood pressing lines.