‘The love of home’ at Rowico Home showroom

Rowico Home creates stylish furniture in Scandinavian design with sustainability in mind. It’s the perfect place for those seeking inspiration for their living spaces.

“Our mission at Rowico Home is to curate a welcoming, tranquil, and inspiring environment,” says Marianne Boström, Showroom Manager. “We envisioned a space where visitors could immerse themselves in the Rowico Home aesthetic, sip on a coffee, browse through samples, feel the textures of our materials, and experience the comfort of our furniture first-hand.”

Designing an earthy showroom

Collaborating closely with interior designer Hanna Kriegholm of Frank Deco, Marianne and Rowico Home’s Head of Sales, Malin Schramm, set out to create a showroom that exuded warmth and sophistication. “We wanted to establish a foundation of earthy, natural tones that would stand the test of time,” Malin explains. “From the wall colors to the choice of flooring, every detail was carefully considered.”

One of the features of the showroom is the 1,300 sqft of hardened wood flooring, GRYBY 3.0 XXL. “For us, it was essential that the flooring echoed the feeling of being ‘at home’,” Marianne says. “Our furniture is designed and crafted for the domestic environment, so it was crucial that visitors feel like they’re stepping into someone’s home rather than an exhibition space.”

“The highest praise is when a guest says, ‘Can I live here?’ That’s precisely the atmosphere we strive for.”
Malin Schramm

A commitment to nature

Rowico Home’s philosophy is embedded in a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. “Since our inception in 1971, wood has been our primary material,” Marianne says. 

“It was natural for us to partner with Bjelin, a company that shares our values and dedication to responsible forestry practices.”
Marianne Boström

The decision to combine traditional plank flooring with herringbone patterns underscores Rowico Home’s dedication to innovation and creativity. “We wanted to create a sense of distinction within the space,” Malin explains. “Juxtaposing different patterns in the same hue created an interesting visual effect.”

Transformative design

Installing the floor proved to be a seamless process, thanks to the unique floor locking system. “We appreciated the simplicity and ease of installation,” Marianne says. “And the ability to reuse the flooring reinforces our commitment to sustainability and longevity.”

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. “We often receive inquiries about the flooring,” Malin says. “Many visitors are surprised to learn that it’s not solid wood but hardened wood flooring.”

“Our collection’s essence lies in wood, ranging from white-pigmented to natural, black, and brown shades, so we needed a neutral base to complement these hues.”
Marianne Boström

From showroom to… home

Malin has also embraced Bjelin's GRYBY flooring in her own home and is pleased with its transformative effect. “The moment I stepped into the showroom, I knew I wanted to recreate that ambience in my own space,” she says. “The Earth Grey flooring has exceeded my expectations. I am so pleased with how the color harmonizes with the rest of the interiors and the sense of space and luxury that wider planks create.”

Rowico Home represents elegance, sustainability and a Scandinavian flair that demonstrates the transformative power of design. Follow Rowico Home's journey via their Instagram @rowicohome.

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