The impact of a new floor

When the Wäktare family refurbished, they fused modern design with their home’s 70s architecture. To create an updated aesthetic, they chose wide planks of the white-hued hardened wood floor, HÖJA, as the foundation. 

“We like investing in durable and timeless materials and furniture so that we can enjoy something regardless of fluctuating trends.”

When asked about the change their new flooring has brought, Anna Wäktare reveals: “It was actually the floor that became the starting point for our renovation. We wanted a consistent look throughout the open floor plan.” The transformation extended beyond the floors, encompassing a kitchen overhaul and even the addition of a fireplace. 

Creating a modern feel

Embracing the unique character of her 70s-built house, the family's interior design style balances a contemporary feel with a homely charm. “The previous owners had already begun to modernise the house, so we chose to continue in this style,” Anna explains. The hardened oak flooring with its light tones, aligned seamlessly. Anna says the decision to opt for the wide XXL planks was to lend the rooms an industrial edge.

The Misty White-colored HÖJA flooring also played a pivotal role. “It was important that the floor match our white-stained stairs to the upper floor as well as the white wooden legs of our chairs,” says Anna. “Misty White, which was in the middle of the white scale, harmonises with the rest of the decor.”

Choosing the ideal floor surface 

Anna is enthusiastic about the brushed lacquer surface of the HÖJA flooring. She and her family appreciate both the aesthetics and the functionality of the matt-looking finish. “It's pleasant to walk on and we think it's much prettier than shiny floors.” 

The practical aspect extends to the floor’s resistance to wear and tear, which is vital for a pet-loving family. A forgiving Nature grading also has its benefits. “Due to the natural color variations and visible knots, the smallest stain is not visible,” says Anna. “It suits us with a dog.”

The Misty White floor matches any color.

A long-lasting alternative

The family previously had white, wood floors. “It had been painted so many times that flakes would come off, and all dirt and dog hairs were visible. That’s certainly not the case now, and that makes life easier.” 

Now that the floor unites the entire open floor plan between the kitchen, entrance hall, dining area and living room, the family has also avoided thresholds and joints between the previous old room divisions. "We are super satisfied with this floor,” says Anna. 

“The result is exactly as we had imagined. It is bright, modern and Scandinavian while, at the same time, it provides a slightly rustic feeling and adds character to the space."