The grand restoration of Kvarter Oscars

On the island of Marstrand outside Gothenburg, we find Ernst Rosén’s renaissance project, Kvarter Oscars, which features 16,000 sqft of herringbone flooring from Bjelin. We speak to the mastermind behind this majestic restoration, Project Manager Anders Darrell, about the meticulous journey of resurrecting this historical gem. 

Kvarter Oscars consists of six houses, including Club Oscars and Turisthotellet, all of which Ernst Rosén acquired in 2004. The challenge was daunting due to the irreversible decay, but after a long and drawn-out process, demolishing finally happened in 2019 – with a commitment to rebuild in the original style.

Preserving the heritage 

The choice to restore the exterior appearance was not just a preference; it was a necessity to meet planning permission criteria for this cultural-historical site. The resurrection was meticulous, with every detail matching the original.

“The detailed land use plan that dictates what you are allowed to build was extremely strict here, so it was an exact replica externally down to the millimeter.”
Anders Darrell

The result is 22 exclusive apartments across the six buildings, ranging from 807 to 1410 sqft each. Three houses reflect a turn-of-the-century charm, while three embrace a modern classic style. The interiors mirror the exterior, creating distinct atmospheres with Bjelin's herringbone flooring gracing three houses.

A restrictive approach to buyer choices ensured a uniform elegance while allowing for subtle variations. The natural herringbone flooring STOCKHOLM was the standard choice, while buyers could opt for the lighter, powder white BODEN.

Timeless elegance

The interiors, meticulously curated by Anders Darrell and his colleague Pia Nummedal, reflect a clear design concept with all elements carefully selected. Henrik Schultz's architectural expertise added the final touch, ensuring a seamless thread of style.

According to Anders, the floor was chosen a year before the sales process, with traditional engineered herringbone as the natural choice, resonating with the turn-of-the-century ambience. “We felt that style should be reflected in the interior,” says Anders. But why Bjelin? “Bjelin was known for its quality, and we had a good relationship with the Bjelin seller,” says Anders, adding: “It’s a beautiful floor.” 

“We are also happy about our flooring decision from a practical point of view since there were major delivery problems in the country during the project, but we did not experience this with Bjelin.”

The island Influence

The island's cultural-historical significance steered the design, and while there was initial scepticism from the community, this transformed into positive reactions as the restoration progressed. Once the work was completed, the local community was invited to an open house and gave the project the thumbs up.  

Occupancy commenced in October 2023, with all units sold out within five hours of the spring 2021 release. The verdict? Those who have made Kvarter Oscars their home are very satisfied. Craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through, a testament to Ernst Rosén’s commitment to excellence. 

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