Scandinavian vibes in stylish home

When Jan Christian Bjørn and June Vespestad built a new house in Norway, they valued quality and sustainability. Their style is Nordic and minimalist with a dose of warmth, and to complement this, they chose the white hardened wood floor LARVIK. 

“The wide XXL format and the quality of the planks caught our attention.”
Jan Christian
June Vespestad and Jan Christian Bjørn.

A floor you want to walk on 

After experiencing both laminate and hardwood floors in the past, Jan Christian and June chose a different direction this time. With two children at home, the bustling family selected super strong hardened wood floors with a brushed lacquer surface. 

The choice of surface wasn’t purely based on durability and ease of maintenance, however, but also on the tactile qualities. “We chose the brushed surface because of the feeling it provides when you walk on it,” says Jan Christian. Elaborating, June adds that it has a softer, less ‘flat’ feel to it. 

“Walking on this floor feels warmer and more natural because the surface is a bit rougher than what we had before. This floor is by far the most exclusive we've experienced.”

Clean but cosy aesthetic 

LARVIK, named after a Norwegian town, is a typically Scandinavian-looking floor with its white color and clean lines. “We think it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and fits well with our overall style,” says Jan Christian.

Their tasteful décor perfectly embodies Nordic design, with its simple and bright interior choices like a red thread throughout the home. “But it's also important that the house feels homely,” says June. 

The couple has also created a captivating visual by mixing light and dark colors, amplifying the home's aesthetic appeal. "The powder white is a versatile color that goes well with our black kitchen and the lighter interior. We feel it harmonises all the elements nicely.” 

The black kitchen is a perfect contrast to the powder white floor.
Wide planks contribute to the spacious and sleek feeling. “We hadn't seen such wide planks before. We love the feeling of exclusivity with the XXL planks; they open up the rooms in a way we can't quite describe. It simply must be experienced.”

Affordable quality

Delving into the specifics of their flooring selection, the couple says: “We value quality, but quality often comes with high prices. It was natural for us to choose Bjelin because of the affordable prices and good quality.” They also highlight that the sustainable aspects are increasingly important, together with the production style and use of materials.

And how did the installation go? “Our carpenters were very meticulous when installing this floor because they found it to be exclusive. They also wondered where it was from because they hadn't worked with such wide planks before. Reports suggest that it was very easy to install.”

The overall result, the couple says, is that LARVIK meets all their requirements and desires, including their love of clean lines. “It was also a bonus when we found out the floor was more durable and easier to maintain than other wood floors.”

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