Scandinavian elegance in London

Sandra and her family, residing in London, completed a tasteful renovation involving 960 sqft of VEJBY 3.0 XL flooring. The transformation of their home reinforced their love for Scandinavian design in the heart of England.

With three school-aged children and a townhouse from 1929, renovation was an exciting challenge for the family. The flooring was chosen late in the process after the building plans had taken shape and the wall colors had been decided. 

“We knew we wanted wood floors, and at first we were drawn to Bjelin's clickable herringbone,” Sandra explains. This led them to Bjelin’s website, but a visit to Bjelin's showroom in Helsingborg and V4's showroom in Woking opened their eyes to Woodura Planks 3.0.

“Footprints can show on some floors, but not on the brushed surface.”

Aesthetic and functionality in focus

For the family, aesthetics were of utmost importance. Second, the ease of installation and durability were crucial factors. “My husband installed the floor himself, with the help of a friend who’s a carpenter, and they found it easy to install,” says Sandra. “Only the house’s age, with few straight lines, provided some challenges.”

Despite their Scandinavian background, the family has adapted their interior style to London’s unique charm after five years in the UK. “We lean towards a light and Scandinavian style but have kept English details that suit the style of the house,” explains Sandra. VEJBY 3.0 XL in the Misty White color offered the perfect combination of light wood beauty and practical maintenance, complementing their desire for a bright and airy atmosphere.

“Footprints can show on some floors, but not on the brushed surface.”

When asked to sum up their new floor, Sandra immediately says: “Warm”. She feels the light-colored, brushed surface is beautiful while also comfortable to walk on, providing the home with a welcoming atmosphere. With a successful combination of aesthetics and practical use, the floor plays an important part in their home.


Flooring material was supplied by Bjelin’s partner, V4 .

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