Momentum’s Chicago showroom transformation

Momentum, a leading textiles and wall covering company, has a strong presence in the commercial space with an elegant showroom in Chicago. Located on the 3rd floor in the iconic Merchandise Mart – a colossal 3,875,000 sqft historical building – Momentum installed 6,000 sqft of Woodura Planks 3.0 in Earth Grey.


A historical gem

The Merchandise Mart, affectionately known as THE MART, is a landmark in downtown Chicago. Spanning two entire city blocks, this architectural marvel is the largest commercial building in the world and once had its own zip code. Originally commissioned by American entrepreneur Marshall Field in 1930, the building was later acquired by Joe Kennedy post-Great Depression and remained under the Kennedy family until the 1990s.

Momentum’s showroom recently moved into a larger space and underwent a significant transformation. “They originally had vinyl flooring, but the CEO at the time wanted a more natural product,” says Colin O'Donnell, Director of Business Development Midwest at Spartan Surfaces. “I presented hardened wood – Woodura Planks 3.0 – as an affordable, durable and attractive option and their CEO and marketing team loved it.”


“Momentum wanted a more natural product.”
Colin O'Donnell

This change led to the installation of STEHAG 3.0 in the wide plank size XL. This flooring not only meets the practical demands of a busy commercial space but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal with its natural beauty and durability.

Inspiring venue for events

THE MART’s recent renovations, including the addition of a grand staircase in 2016, have only added to the building’s allure. The staircase, which doubles as seating, leads up to Marshall’s Landing, offering some of the best views of the Chicago River and Wacker Drive.

This historic and beautifully maintained setting is the annual venue for NeoCon, a leading event within commercial design. NeoCon, which also serves as a hub for the commercial design community, even has a permanent showroom on the 10th floor in THE MART.

“As NeoCon attendees walk through the showroom, they will undoubtedly appreciate the attention to detail and the harmonious blend of historical charm with contemporary functionality,” says Jean Sagmeister, Midwest Commercial Sales, Bjelin.

"What better place to host NeoCon than this beautiful setting? It never fails to impress!"
Jean Sagmeister

A fusion of elegance and functionality

The natural wood and Earth Grey color of STEHAG 3.0 complements Momentum’s textiles and wall coverings, creating a cohesive and sophisticated environment that aligns with the company's brand identity.

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