A transforming dining experience in France

Les Loges du Léman, a beautiful resort in the Pays de Gex region in France, recently elevated the ambience of its dining room by undergoing a renovation. Through partner Pia Gazil Peintures, Bjelin provided 200 sqm of hardened wood floor HASSLARP 3.0 XL.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking mountainous landscapes between France and Switzerland, Les Loges du Léman sought to create an inviting atmosphere. The restaurant aims to be cosy and warm, offering generous and comforting cuisine with authentic dishes made of quality products. 

"To renovate our restaurant dining room, we were looking for a wooden floor to bring warmth and comfort to our guests,” said Mickaël Hospital, the Manager of Les Loges du Léman. "The choice of wood was a given due to our location in front of Mont Blanc.”

The Scandinavian-inspired hardened wood floor in the Misty White colour has a Nature grading, providing some visible knots and colour variations in the wood. This light, fresh look of cut timber fits the location perfectly. As for the surface treatment, the 3.0 range boasts the toughest matt lacquer by Bjelin to date.

“We needed a reliable and durable floor that could withstand heavy traffic," said Mickaël Hospital. "The Bjelin product met all the technical criteria, and the environmental approach of the manufacturer also corresponded with our own brand and the image of our region."

The choice of the HASSLARP 3.0 XL model was driven by its design, aesthetics, and above all - the large format. This carefully selected flooring option perfectly captured the essence of the hotel's desired dining room, radiating elegance, chic, and cosiness. 

"I am extremely pleased with this product, which is superb,” said Mickaël Hospital. “Especially since I have been living in Finland with my wife for two years and we are used to floors of this quality."

Visitors frequently inquire about the Bjelin floor, a testament to its contribution to shaping a memorable dining experience.

Les Loges du Léman is a resort located in the county of Gex in France, between a lake and the mountains, close to Geneva. Offering hotel rooms, a unique dining experience, a spa and a gym, Les Loges du Léman also offers guests hiking opportunities and winter sports.

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