From house to luxurious apartment

Christina and P-G Svensson embarked on a remarkable downsizing journey, swapping their spacious house for a charming apartment. The result is a luxurious space that emanates a sense of elegance, thanks to their carefully selected VEJBY 3.0 XL flooring.

When moving to an apartment, the question of flooring became significant. The couple had to make mindful choices, considering the limited space they were transitioning into. "We went from a 500 sqm 60s villa to an 83 sqm apartment,” explains Christina. 

The couple decided to renovate the entire apartment, primarily due to the deteriorating wooden floor in the living area and the plastic floor in the kitchen. They opted for the same flooring throughout to achieve a consistent and harmonious appearance. 

“In an apartment, it was more important to tie the floor together and have a uniform look. We wanted straight lines in each room.”
P-G and Christina Svensson.

Finding the perfect floor

Selecting the right flooring material played a pivotal role in their renovation process. The Svenssons opted for hardened wood flooring, not only for its durability but also for the convenience of a click floor. “5G Dry is good when you have a dog and grandkids knocking over water bowls - we have seven grandkids aged 2-7 years," says Christina. The couple was also impressed by the floor's environmentally friendly qualities.

The renovation didn’t mean a complete overhaul of their home furnishings, however. With VEJBY's neutral tones, their existing furniture seamlessly complemented the new floor, achieving a balanced and tasteful interior design. "We like Danish design and mixing old and new," says P-G.

When asked about their priorities in choosing the flooring, they unanimously agreed it was the appearance. “The color was an easy choice, but it was more difficult to choose the grading,” says Christina. “We eventually settled for Select because of its clean look.” Their choice of VEJBY in Misty White with a brushed surface was due to their preference for a floor that exuded warmth and authenticity.

"We thought the color was nice. We first considered ash, but it lacked the vibrancy we were seeking. And we chose the brushed finish because it had more of a wooden feel.”

An airy space that’s easy to clean 

To create an open and spacious feel, the couple chose the wide XL planks. “XL was the right size for us,” says Christina. “XXL felt too big.” The Svenssons agree that the VEJBY flooring has brought a sense of luxury to their apartment. Even their friends are commenting on the flooring when they visit. “They spontaneously say how nice it is without being asked,” says Christina.

Maintaining their VEJBY flooring has also proven to be a breeze, with the Svenssons using Bjelin’s Ecoline cleaning products for regular upkeep. They appreciate that stains are hardly visible, and when they do occur, they are easy to wipe away. In comparison to the parquet that they had before, the couple find their new flooring is more manageable.

Christina and P-G's journey from a house to an apartment has been a story of transformation and shows the importance of choosing the right flooring. They have managed to maintain their own style and furniture while creating a luxurious and inviting living space.

A creative space with a touch of blue.

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