Floor rhythms at PopRox Dance Studio

PopRox Dance Studio has opened its vibrant new Capitol Hill location in Seattle with over 2,000 sqft of GULLARP 3.0 XL flooring. Meanwhile, they’re gearing up to install another 600 sqft at their University District spot.

Founded in 2018 by Cathy Barnett and Kinsey Flores, PopRox was born from a vision of inclusivity and acceptance. “We wanted to create a place where dance was for everybody,” they explain, “regardless of age, body type, gender, ability or background.” This ethos permeates every aspect of PopRox, from its diverse range of classes to its welcoming atmosphere.

Built to last, ready to dance

With 300 dancers attending classes weekly at the colorful Capitol Hill studio, the choice of durable Woodura Planks 3.0 in ash was a natural one. “We needed a floor that could withstand anything and could be cleaned easily after a full 16-hour day of dance classes.”

Yet, PopRox is more than just a dance studio; it’s a living, breathing community hub. The founders have meticulously crafted the studio’s aesthetic to foster a sense of belonging. “We didn't want to be an intimidating dance space. Stepping into PopRox, one is greeted by vibrant colors, bold artwork, and nods to pop culture icons.”

“When customers enter our studios, they feel like staying a while to socialize, create together, and form lifelong bonds.”

Floored by transformation

With two studio floors at the recently opened Capitol Hill location, as well as a private studio and lounge area, the space accommodates both intimate gatherings and larger events with ease. The University District studio offers a more intimate setting.

So, how do they feel about the floor now that it’s installed? “We have been blown away with how sturdy our beautiful new floors are. They are incredibly durable and it’s so easy to clean off scuff marks. It’s been a relief to finally not have to worry about our flooring being damaged or looking worn down.”

“The floors take a lot of use from hundreds of people spinning, leaping, breakdancing and even wearing high heels on them.”

For Cathy and Kinsey, PopRox is a labor of love. “We wanted to create a memorable and on-trend interior which encourages people to feel immediately happy when they enter the space.” They’ve certainly succeeded. 

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