Commercial flooring - A tough choice?

A project we are proud to be part of is fashion brand Morris' latest store, where the choice of flooring was made easy for the people in charge. They wanted a wooden floor with very wide planks. It had to withstand a lot of wear with the entrance directly from the street and it needed a genuine wood feeling suitable for the store concept. The choice fell on Bjelin's wide planks of Cured Wood.

When building or renovating a store there are many considerations regarding the choice of flooring. Often the choice is full of compromises.

Often a wooden floor is disregarded because it is not durable enough for a tough environment that a commercial space often is - which is a pity from both an environmental and an aesthetic perspective. Wood is arguably the world's most environmentally friendly flooring material and binds large quantities of C02, compared to other flooring types like ceramic tiles of vinyl flooring. Wood is good for both mankind and nature and a cured wood floor can take the challenges a well visited store puts on it.

The need for a quick and precise installation is also an important part of the process. The result should be perfect and the installation must be swift to avoid unneccessary interruption of business. All of Bjelin's floors are very easy to install thanks to the latest locking systems used, developed by our sister company Välinge Innovation.

When chosing Bjelin's Cured Wood floors you do not need to compromise in your choice of flooring anymore. Both durability, design and the world's easiest installation make it possible to decorate your store with the world's most beautiful, sustainable and green material - wood!