A fiery fusion of East and West

Gothenburg hotel, The Pier, combines Western sophistication with Eastern allure. This exceptional hotel, with 37,600 sqft of KVARNBY 3.0 L in its long-stay rooms and relaxation areas, reflects a clear vision by the architects and interior designers.

Elegant and culturally rich

The area where The Pier is located encapsulates the five Chinese elements, with buildings rising from a robust base symbolizing the cliffs of Swedish Bohuslän. Glass structures in vibrant colors represent the different attributes, with green, blue and red embodying the essence of fire. Interior designers Julia Schollin and Marie Ebersdotter at Mod Arkitekter played with light to incorporate an actual fire in the atrium.

“The fusion between East and West is the red thread throughout,” says Marie Ebersdotter. “It’s like zooming in and out. Texture and authenticity are paramount, especially with the Scandinavian nature of the floor.”


“The floors should feel genuine and warm and be able to withstand wear and tear.”
Julia Schollin

“The aim was to create a fiery and robust atmosphere,” agrees Petra Skoglund from Arkitektbyrån Design . “The project, which commenced in 2018, evolved into an international standard hotel with a rich Chinese vibe.” The design also incorporates Chinese restaurant, Fei , offering authentic cuisine from three distinct Chinese regions.

Design harmony

The design brief demanded a delicate balance – minimalistic yet opulent, enduring yet luxurious – but environmental sustainability was also a driving force. “We constantly seek products with some form of environmental certification, ensuring resource-conscious use of natural wood,” Petra notes. Choices, including the early selection of flooring, were influenced by the desire for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective outcome.

Petra credits the choice of hardened oak flooring to a high-quality product and accessibility. The Natural color and Nature grading were chosen to enhance authenticity, creating a natural and genuine wood appearance that complements the hotel’s vibe.

“We chose L-sized planks to match room dimensions and create a seamless design.”
Petra Skoglund

Marie from Mod Arkitekter expands on the thought process behind the choice of hardened wood, particularly oak, stating: “Oak is beautiful and timeless. When guests enter the rooms, they should step into an environment that lasts.” The functionality of the floors in long-stay rooms was a key consideration. “They needed to be durable over time,” says Petra.

“While curtains and pillows may change, the floor should endure.”
Marie Ebersdotter

Architectural poetry

The swift realization of the project, completed in a mere 1-1.5 years, underscores the commitment to quality and efficiency. As the last building nears completion in 2024, The Pier stands as a testament to the architects’ ability to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also environmentally responsible.

From flickering lights to wall panels subtly charred with integrated lighting, the aim was to create a space that exuded both subtlety and impact, not just in aesthetics but also in colors and structure. The result is a stunning and visually intriguing hotel – with a striking floor too!

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