A chat with the designer behind LARVIK

Every space tells a story and renowned Norwegian interior designer Kristin Lindhjem, with her 8-year journey in the industry, believes the floor is the biggest storyteller. Here we share insights into her design philosophy and her involvement in the creation of our hardened wood floor, LARVIK.

“I wanted a light floor that provided a calm impression,” says Kristin. “Interior-wise, the floor is the biggest decision because it needs to tie the rooms together. It’s the starting point.”
Kristin Lindhjem, interior designer.

Discovering a passion

With a background in communications, Kristin’s journey into full-time interior design was prompted by winning ‘Norway's most beautiful home’ in 2017. Since then, she has wholeheartedly embraced the role of an interior designer. She believes that an interior should narrate a compelling story and evoke emotions, be it energy or peacefulness.

Beyond her design work, Kristin is actively involved in trendspotting, conducting her own research. She predicts a shift towards more nostalgia in interior design, with an emphasis on the inclusion of textiles and lamps.

Creating LARVIK

Kristin’s involvement in crafting LARVIK stemmed from a personal quest for the perfect flooring. She yearned for a warm, inviting floor that exuded tranquillity without the obvious gloss of traditional coatings. “I wanted something as natural as possible in a light shade because that takes longer to change colour,” she says. It was this pursuit of natural elegance that led her to LARVIK, named after the town where it was first installed.

Kristin carefully considered each aspect of LARVIK, from the brushed lacquer to the powder white color and clean Select grading. “The brushed lacquer makes the floor more tactile, giving it a natural and authentic appearance,” she says. The Select grading was chosen for its serenity.

Kristin emphasises that the LARVIK floor serves as the foundational element of a room, seamlessly blending in while still leaving a lasting impression. “After all, the floor is the biggest piece of furniture in a house.” She hopes customers will appreciate LARVIK’s beauty and believes that its neutral elegance sets it apart in a crowded market.

The kitchen is the heart of the home in the Lindhjem house.

How to choose the right floor

As an interior designer, Kristin understands the significance of choosing the right floor. She suggests that homeowners look beyond trends and consider what truly resonates with their personal taste. “Check the wall color and see how you can create a red thread throughout the design,” she says.

Kristin’s belief that sustainability is an important element of design, is what led her to Bjelin’s hardened wood flooring. “It’s great that these floors use less material than an engineered wood floor,” she says. “I didn’t want laminate but desired the feeling and look of an engineered wood floor.”

Awards and recognition

Kristin Lindhjem’s expertise and keen eye for design have won her two awards. In 2017, her home was honoured as ‘Norway's most beautiful home.’ Recently, she received the prestigious Gullfjaeren Interior Award for ‘Kitchen of the Year’ in 2022. These accolades were based on readers' votes, a testament to her unique design sensibilities.

In the world of interior design, Kristin Lindhjem is not just an interior designer; she’s a storyteller who crafts spaces. Her work with LARVIK shows her commitment to creating interiors that stand the test of time, where every room has a story to tell, and the floor is its foundation.

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