A blend of light and dark

Choosing a floor is a big decision. When Madelen Månsson and her family renovated their 70s home in the south of Sweden, they selected two different hardened wood floors, creating an interesting contrast. Downstairs, the white-stained DALBY lights up the space, while the grey-toned ALLARP adds an elegant flair upstairs. 

”We wanted white-hued floors downstairs to compensate for the lower light levels,” says Madelen. “Upstairs, there is plenty of natural light and the interior is brighter, so we felt a slightly darker floor would be a perfect complement.”

DALBY is a powder white floor with a Nature grading, which means there are some visible knots and colour variations in the wood. “We wanted a clean impression,” says Madelen. XXL-sized floor panels add to this sensation and create a spacious environment. “I think the wide planks provide a lovely feeling in large rooms.” 

Although stains might be more visible on a lighter floor, Madelen feels the surface makes them easy to wipe off. “We chose the matt-lacquered floor downstairs because that was recommended to us, and although it includes the kitchen, it works since it’s so durable.” She’s happy that the floor is practical due to the low maintenance, and that it's also comfortable to walk on. 

Powder white hardened wood floors in the living room downstairs.

Creating contrasts

The ALLARP floor upstairs, in the sophisticated Earth Grey, suits subtle tones. To match this, the family chose a light beige colour for the walls and black and warm walnut furniture. 

“We chose floors, colors and furniture all at the same time so that everything would harmonise,” says Madelen.

This floor has a hard wax oil surface, which provides a natural wood look but requires more maintenance. Madelen feels this surface offers a softer impression and is equally comfortable to walk on as the matt lacquer.

A darker, sophisticated shade in the living area upstairs.

A transforming renovation 

Madelen’s family bought their 70s house two years ago and completely renovated it. “We started to think about the floor right away,” says Madelen. “The floor is significant for the whole atmosphere, and we wanted to avoid too many different types of wood.”

"It was also important for the family to have a flexible solution. “We wanted the option to change the interiors in the future, to easily change the colours and style of our furniture without being too controlled by the floor.”

The house, influenced by modern design and inspired by the '60s, has a lovely vibe filled with beautiful contrasts. “The flooring is great for this house,” says Madelen, who feels the floor suits the interiors perfectly.  

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